Moroccan gold, the natural properties of argan oil

Argan oil

Argan oil is 100% naturally produced from the fresh fruit of the argan tree known as the tree of life. The oil is used both in medicine and in aesthetic cosmetics with a natural effect. Argan oil owes its unflagging popularity to its anti-aging properties , which are conditioned by the presence of ferulic acid and natural vitamin E known as the vitamin of youth. So it is a kind of youth elixir, significantly slowing down the aging process . Additionally, argan oils have
a beneficial effect on acne-prone, delicate and irritated skin . The nourishing effect of the preparation makes even sensitive and dry skin beautiful and radiant . Argan oil will also perfectly take care of your hair. It will nourish them and make them strong and shiny. The preparation perfectly improves the condition of nails - it increases their hardness, reducing the fragility of the nail plate, and improves and smoothes the appearance of the cuticles around the nail.

The unique composition of argan oil

Argan oil is popular because of its unique composition. It is valued mainly for the richness of omega-6 and omega-9 unsaturated fats, the presence of vitamin "E" and the accumulation of active substances. All this together makes the essential oilargan is an irreplaceable nourishing agent that regenerates the epidermis, has antioxidant and anti-radical properties, and even soothes allergy symptoms .

A method for producing argan oil Argan oil

Organic argan oil is pure nature. It is not subject to any chemical treatment. The argan tree, which produces fruits in the form of nuts, grows in strictly protected areas, thanks to which we obtain a completely uncontaminated product. Due to its healing properties, the plant that produces argan oil is called the "tree of life" . Argan oil, used for cosmetic purposes, is cold pressed. As a result, you get a specific with a pleasant nutty scent and orange color.

The history of argan oil in a nutshell

Argan oil has been appreciated since ancient times. Even the Berbers, who lived in the northern part of Africa at that time, used argan oil primarily for food and care purposes, protecting the skin from strong sun. Today's cosmetology has returned to its roots to reap the natural benefits of the tree of nature.

To ensure a radiant and constantly nourished complexion , it is worth using the irreplaceable properties of argan oil every day.