The sauna is a wooden or mosaic room with high temperature and, depending on the type of sauna, high or low humidity. Staying in a sauna for a few to several minutes has a good effect on improving blood circulation, cleanses our skin, and with the addition of natural essential oils, it has a much wider application in various ailments. sauna oils After staying in the sauna, the body should cool down by taking a cool bath (so-called bath) or a cool shower. Saunas are the most popular in countries such as Finland, Estonia, Russia, Sweden, Lithuania and Latvia. There are also different types of saunas, including the Finnish sauna, the Swedish sauna and the steam sauna.

Before using the sauna, make sure that your body is able to withstand the high temperature and hot air that makes breathing difficult.


FINNISH SAUNA (WET) - is the most popular variety of all saunas. It is based on the principle of pouring cold water from time to time on hot stones (mostly granite scraps) placed on top of the furnace. After they are watered with water (e.g. with natural essential oils ), clouds of steam are formed that spread throughout the room.Finnish sauna is used at a temperature of 50⁰C, gradually increasing it to 90⁰C. Nowadays very accessible.

SWEDISH SAUNA - started faster than the Finnish sauna. According to some historians, it is the oldest type of sauna that uses high temperature. We can only use it if the temperature in the room will not be lower than 100⁰C and the humidity drops to 10-15%. The interior of the sauna is very similar to the Finnish sauna, it is lined with wood in a similar way, and the main difference is the fireplace, which is not located in the same room as the wet sauna, but somewhere in the adjacent room.

STEAM SAUNA - is a modification of the Finnish sauna. Usually the rooms are lined with mosaics or stones. The main heart of the room is the stove that directly generates steam that fills the room. There are tanks for natural essential oils and aromatic oils in the stove. sauna

Sauna oils and their aromatic power

How to easily use the beneficial properties of the sauna? By adding a few drops of natural essential oils to a bucket of water, which is poured over hot stones or refilling containers in steam saunas.

Which fragrance notes should you choose? It is best to use eessential oils such as eucalyptus oil, cedar oil, pine oil, cypress oil and all citrus oils (orange, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot).

Essential oils are an excellent aromatherapy offer during a sauna session . The method is very effective because its conditions are favorable. The oils are absorbed through the skin and through the respiratory tract, which intensifies the experience in the sauna. Give yourself to fragrance rituals! Carefully selected sauna oils are a feast for our senses.

If you want to get a better effect or increase the intensity of the selected aroma, mix them
in an appropriate way.
How to dilute essential sauna oils? When referring to the Finnish (wet) sauna, it is recommended to use 20-30 drops of the selected oil or a mixture of oils per bucket of water.

For the above types of saunas, we recommend using natural ETJA essential oils, which can be selected in the appropriate category of our menu.