I apply compresses made of pure oils on sore spots or on the site of an injury.


The rinsing method is recommended in the case of bad breath and health problems of the mouth and throat. Use as indicated by the manufacturer or in the proportion of 4-5 drops of oil or a mixture of oils per half a glass of water. Rinse the mouth with the prepared liquid, tilting the head slightly back.

Soaking your hands

A bowl of warm water with the addition of essential oil (3-4 drops) and carrier oil (10-20 drops) is a good way to moisturize your hands and take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy.

wrapsSoaking your feet

Take a medium-sized bowl or basin and fill it with warm water. Add natural essential oil (4-7 drops) and carrier oil (10-20 drops). Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes is a great remedy for sore and swollen feet. The method is effective in cases of athlete's foot and other similar infections.


After washing the body in the shower, pour a few drops of the previously prepared essential oil and carrier oil on the sponge, then massage into the skin. Will bemoisturized and beautifully fragrant.

For the above treatments, we recommend the use of natural essential oils and natural carrier oils, vegetable butters and natural potassium soaps by ETJA, which can be selected in the appropriate category of our menu.