Massages are one of the elements of a holistic system of natural medicine. It works on three levels: physical, mental and spiritual. It belongs to the oldest field of medicine. It comes from India and China, where it was a natural healing method that was associated with religious rituals.massage oils Anyone can master the art of massage. Massage is one of the most effective, relaxing and enjoyable ways to use natural essential oils. Massage improves circulation, respiration and stimulates the optimal functioning of the immune system. There are several types of massage with specific goals. Massage can be relaxing, therapeutic, with the use of hot stones, stamps made by hands or feet, its variety is as wide as aromatherapy.

Massage oils and their beneficial properties

A solution of essential oils dissolved in carrier oils is an essential addition to a therapeutic massage. What oils are best for a relaxing massage? Natural carrier oils such as BIO argan oil , BIO avocado oil , BIO rosehip seed, Jojoba, and BIO coconut flesh are the perfect choice.

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Do you want to provide warmth and comfort during the massage? Take advantage of the beneficial properties of oils offered by Etja. The combination of warm oil with appropriate massage techniques is a real relaxation for a tired and stressed body and mind. Oils intended for relaxing massage relax, regenerate, relieve tension and put you in a blissful mood . We also recommend an aromatherapy massage, during which you will feel the oils penetrate deep into your skin . Massage oils not only relax and improve well-being, but also perfectly nourish and moisturize the skin. In addition, we use aromatic massage oils to relieve pain in muscles and joints, as well as to reduce cellulite.

For personal use, you can use soybean oil, sunflower oil, corn oil or olive oil to make the solution. However, you should avoid oil mixtures such as universal oil, oil containing preservatives and stale oil. Remember that the massage is performed with the technique of gentle patting and stroking the body always towards the heart. Local massage is safer, i.e. gentle rubbing of painful muscles, joints or back with an oil solution. The principle of massaging towards the heart also applies here. Before each massage, we prepare a new, fresh oil solution.

The literature on aromatherapy treatments recommends using 20-25 drops of the mixtureitle = "View Natural Essential Oils" href = "/ 3-essential-oils"> Essential Oils per 50ml carrier oil. Store the prepared solution
in a tightly closed glass bottle. Shake the solution well before use. A broken, outdated solution may be of no use, so we recommend making a mixture just before the procedure.

The basic massage techniques include stroking, kneading, pressing, rubbing, hitting and shaking. The techniques mentioned are also used in various types of massage, which include:


CLASSIC - it is a back or whole body massage with a special massage of the shoulders and neck, most often used by masseurs.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE - it is a characteristic compression massage of the lower body parts, the purpose of which is to improve the lymph circulation.

REFLEXOLOGICAL - this is a massage that involves pressing reflexological points on the body, which are assigned to various organs. Foot or face massage is most often used in this case. This type of massage unblocks the channels of energy flowing through individual organs.


HEADS - is a traditional massage technique that has been used for thousands of years. It involves pressing various points on the head, most often the temples. Its delicate and rhythmic movements relax the accumulated tension, bringing relaxation and emotional relief./ p>

FEET - consisting in pressing the appropriate receptors on the foot (reflexology).

FACE - consisting of stroking and gentle kneading of the face and neck, often used in cosmetic and hairdressing treatments.


LOMI-LOMI - one of the most demonstrative "Hawaiian dances" performed at the Lomi Lomi Temple. By gently stroking the cat, the masseur massages the body with smooth movements. A very sensitive and gentle type of massage, accompanied by Hawaiian songs.

MAU-RI - massage used by Marian priests. Operation and massaging is similar to that of Lomi Lomi.

AYURVEDIC - associated with the movement of energy in the body. The treatment begins with a head and back massage. It is a subtle combination of classical massage and acupressure. The goal is to restore the balance of the vital energy known as prana circulating through the body. There are several types of Ayurvedic massage (traditional - abhayanga, feet - padaabhayanga, vital - vital, "3rd eye" massage - shirodhara, massage at the main energy centers - tsar and massage at energy points -marms)

TIBETAN - comes from ancient Buddhist teachings. It is a combination of classic therapeutic massage, reflexotherapy, i.e. pressing the appropriate points on the feet, and biotherapy. The procedure consists in focusing energy with the help of the hand on specific points of the body. A very strong therapeutic massage to prevent posture defects/ p>

SHITSU - it is a massage from the Far East tradition (China, Japan) with a relaxing and generally healing effect. It is a form of therapy similar to acupuncture, which involves stimulating the vital energy called Qi (ki) by pressing on specific points of the body, and in combination with a special breathing technique, it enhances the entire energy flow process and allows for deep relaxation.


STAMPS - this is a massage with the use of stamps - cotton cloths in which there are crushed herbs and fruits that have aromatic, relaxing and circulation-stimulating properties. The stamps are soaked in hot oil and the whole body is massaged.

HOT STONES - massage with basalt stones of volcanic origin, is a form of influence on the body that uses mechanical stimuli in the form of pressure on the tissues in order to cause physiological reactions. Hot stones are mainly placed at the body's energy points. Sometimes, in the breaks between massaging, cold marble stones are placed on points that require cooling.

CHINESE BUBBLE - an ancient healing method, which is an alternative to acupuncture, is widely used in Chinese medicine. This massage has a unique healing effect and perfectly removes all ergetic blockages. It brings relief in the case of various ailments by energizing and warming up the appropriate points of the body./ p>

There are many interesting books and internet publications to which we encourage and invite you. The above article is just an introduction to this miraculous healing art of touch.

We recommend using the beneficial recipes of massage oils in the practical information tab.