In short, Wellness is a healthy lifestyle in all zones, aimed at maintaining a balance between body, spirit and mind. Wellness takes into account the psychological, physical, emotional, intellectual and economic needs of a person. It has been known for centuries that in a healthy body, a healthy mind, although despite this awareness, most people do not do much to maintain a good and "healthy" well-being. Wellness, like aromatherapy, is a long-term process, but a healthy lifestyle over time will allow us to maintain positive energy, be healthier and happier people, so instead of swallowing more chemical drugs, let's try to change our way of life. There is no specific formula for the Wellness lifestyle because each of us perceives our surroundings differently. There are, however, several well-known elements that characterize the World of Wellness.


Physical effort is a great way to relieve stress and renew internal energy. 30 minutes of swimming or an intensive walk will have a positive effect on our condition, figure and, consequently, health.


What we eat and how we eat has a huge impact on the entire economy of our body. Properly selected meals will allow you to rebuild the energy needed for life and keep the body in proper harmony with our body and mind. We should enjoy what we eat, thanks to which we will experience nthose taste qualities that we will never discover by eating fast, anyhow or anywhere. Try to eat lots of vegetables, fruits and fish.


Sleep is essential for the proper functioning of the body. During sleep, the heart rhythm calms down, normalizes blood pressure, breathing becomes deeper, the body regenerates, rebuilds and regulates all processes in the human system. A good night's sleep is a reflection of our lifestyle. Food full of vitamins, a walk, exercise, a cyclical and orderly schedule of classes finished with a warm bath in natural oils (I recommend lavender) is a guarantee of deep
and healthy sleep. Failure to put the body into the embrace of Morpheus will result in a lack of concentration, decreased levels of hormones, dissatisfaction, unjustified nervousness, circulatory disorders and many other negative effects that disrupt the balance of our body. For centuries, the dream has been, is and will be the best of everything.


Relaxation is a very broad concept resulting from all the above elements of the Wellness lifestyle. Relaxation is the rest of our body, that is, opposing everything that causes stress in us. Sometimes it can be a small coffee break, muscle relaxation, a deep breath, or a little nap. A moment of relaxation increases our mental and physical efficiency.


Laughter is health, and a minute of laughter is an hour of life more according to kFar East culture. Laughter is a spontaneous reaction of the nervous system, independent of our will or an action planned by us. Laughter improves circulation, activates the muscles of the face and abdomen, improves concentration, increases the secretion of endorphin (the happiness hormone), deepens breathing and is the best in interpersonal relationships. By laughing, we improve our well-being, environment and health, so you should laugh as often as possible.


Happiness, contentment, longing for feelings, closeness and understanding - these are our natural, human needs. In relationships with close people - this is what we are looking for. We want to be open to the other person, have confidence in them and be aware that there is always someone we can rely on. Each dimension, be it spiritual, physical or mental, is an area for sharing and exchanging feelings, experiences and thoughts with a close person.


By looking, smelling, tasting, touching, listening, we get to know the world around us and try to understand life. Considering carefully, we would conclude that there are more than five senses ...


At birth, we are 96% water, and in adulthood, water makes up 75% of our body, just like our brain. Water is the force that gives life, and hydrotherapy is the oldest branch of physical therapy with over a hundred different types of hydrotherapy.drotherapeutic. Water is so widely used in treatment due to its physical properties. He is a powerful guide, intermediary and energy creator. He has the ability to go into different states of concentration, to process subtle energy forces on the physical and spiritual planes. Water is a constant element of life and changes on earth, therefore its strength should be respected and appreciated. A warm bath, relaxing by the sea or a glass of cold water on a hot day will always encourage us to live.


Light next to water is the greatest source of life on earth. Light stimulates the secretion of hormones responsible for sleep and stress. Lack of light often leads to seasonal depression. A sensible sun bath always brings a deep feeling of relaxation, toning, and the pleasant shade of brown on our skin gives it a glow, healthy look and improves our well-being.