Essential oils

The wealth of fragrance oils

What does fragrance oils mean? Fragrance oils are compositions that imitate natural oils. They are characterized by very complex fragrance notes. Obtaining the final fragrance is the result of combining a dozen or even several dozen carefully selected ingredients.

Fragrance oils and air freshening

Most of the airborne aromas we use are inspired by the hint of essential oils . Usually fragrances such as vanilla, orange blossom, and green tea are used in synthetic form. If you want to give a unique fragrance to your room, choose the fragrance oils proposed by ETJA - there is nothing like a beautiful fragrance in your home. These are strong concentrates that are very efficient and affordable.

Fragrance compositions and their application

Fragrance oils for the aromatization of rooms are successfully used in fireplaces and heaters. Additionally, you can use inserts that can be placed in the car, bathroom, kitchen or wardrobe. Also distribute in the air with vacuum cleaners, humidifiers and spray fresheners! Fragrance oils have many interesting notes inspired by nature. They tempt us with a pleasant aroma.

Essential oils

Fragrance Oil "Without"

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FRAGRANT OIL WITHOUT A composition with the scent of lilac flowers.10 ml capacity
FRAGRANT OIL WHITE FLOWERS The composition of the fragrance of white flowers. Capacity: 10 ml