The primary task of aromatizing air is to create a pleasant, delicate and pleasant atmosphere. Natural essential oils are not only for medicinal purposes or only for personal use.
Their therapeutic effect can be used by several people at the same time, in addition to the beautiful natural smell, they disinfect the rooms from bacteria and viruses. There are many ways to give a room a certain fragrance, you can use single oils or a combination of them. As a producer of natural essential oils, we recommend using various mixtures to get an even better effect.

Air aromatization can be done in many ways, including:


Add 20-40 drops of your favorite essential oil (e.g. lemon, lavender, orange, geranium) to the sprinkler filled with water. Spray a delicate, pleasantly smelling mist that will fill our room with a beautiful scent and, depending on the use of the oil, it will disinfect the room.


Many such devices are available on the market which, when connected to an electric power supply, warm the vessels of the oil-water mixturethey slowly fill the rooms with their scent while evaporating.


Made of porcelain or earthenware, they can also serve as a romantic bedside lamp. Water with a few drops of essential oil is poured into a vessel with a candle, and after a while fragrant vapors fill the interior of the room.


Adding a few drops of essential oil to the water in your humidifier is a good way to enjoy aromatherapy.


  • they consist in filling a vessel (bowl, glass, plate) with hot water, pouring a few drops of essential oil into it and setting the mixture on a heater
  • soaking tissues, cardboard, or a piece of other soft material or wood with a few drops of essential oil and place it in the place you want to flavor.

For the above methods of air aromatization, we recommend using natural essential oils from ETJA , because natural fragrances affect our senses, moods, and also have many valuable properties.