Imagine that you are lying on a beautiful sunny day in a great meadow full of the sweet scent of chamomile, citine essential oil lavender and rosemary, relaxing in the arms of nature. You walk in a garden full of roses, and their sweet scent surrounds you from all sides. Do you remember how wonderful the cake you baked at your grandma's house smelled? How did you feel safe and loved then. This is what the beneficial power of fragrances does. The positive emotions that you remember can be found today using aromatherapy.

It has been known for thousands of years, and it originated in China. The term aromatherapy is a combination of the two words "aroma" or fragrance, and "therapy" - a process that helps the body or mind to speed up the healing process. It is often mistakenly called "fragrance treatment".

Argan oil Aromatherapy is a simple method of natural medicine based on the use of medicinal and therapeutic properties of plants, with the use of corresponding essential oils introduced into the body through the respiratory tract (sniffing, inhalation, inhalation) or through the skin (massage, bathing, compress, cosmetics).

Aromatherapy relieves many ailmentsphysical and mental, its main goal is to restore the balance of the body and mind, and to support and stimulate the body's own natural defenses. The most important feature of aromatherapy and the use of natural essential oils in this method is the variety and versatility of their impact. Aromatherapy is an excellent natural antidote to stress, tension, nervousness and insomnia resulting from the modern lifestyle.

Therapy with natural essential oils can complement other treatments, including unconventional ones. Since ancient times, many outstanding pharmacists and doctors from China, Greece, Italy and France have used aromatherapeutic knowledge to support the patient's treatment process, modernizing the process of obtaining essential oils and their use. Essential oils used in aromatherapy have a unique ability to fight microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and fungi, allowing the body to maintain a state of balance, which is crucial for maintaining health. ETJA company is one of the continuators of the idea of aromatherapy, offering you high-quality products for its application.