A common type of skin. It is mostly light in color, thin and not very flexible. It is characterized by dullness, a tendency to peeling, burning symptoms and discoloration. It is sensitive to water and soap cosmetics. It requires special attention to use natural oils in care.


I perform at a young age. It is smooth, firm and taut. It does not require special care, so you should use delicate natural oils with a light structure that absorb quickly and do not leave an oily film on the skin.


It is thick, gray-yellow and sticky to the touch with excess sebum. It has a shiny surface with enlarged pores and visible blackheads. I am more prone to pimples, acne or fungal infections. Stress and hormones have a great influence on oily skin. Despite the disadvantages, it also has advantages - its advantage is smoothness and firmness. Additionally, it is resistant to wind and frost. I tolerate soap and water, and its owners enjoy the skin without wrinkles for longer.


It has the characteristics of two types of skin - oily and dry. Grooming is quite complicated than for one type of skin. Owners of this skin may be prone to eczema, excessive seborrhea and sensitivity manifested by burning, tightening of the skin and redness. In this case, we should individually select natural oils for care, paying particular attention to products intended for all skin types.

ATOPIC Dermatitis "AZS"

This is a condition where itchy skin is the main symptom. The skin becomes very dry, and each scratching leaves clear marks, called cross-cuts. Over time, red lumps appear on the elbows and knees, which later turn into purulent pimples. There is no cure for this condition yet, but you can minimize symptoms by using natural oils in your care.